Autodidact: self-taught


Darling Diverting Dexter

by V. L. Craven

I’m trying to get motivated about writing again–I always feel happier–more balanced–when I’m writing, but because it isn’t something someone can force one to do it can be as neglected as exercise.

Writing is very similar to exercise, now that I think on it. The more I do it the easier it becomes and the more I want to do it–it’s just getting into the routine that takes some doing.

Anyway, my fiction is dark and humorous and has some other similarities to the Jeff Lindsay Dexter novels so I figured if I re-read those they’d inspire me to return to the darker parts of myself from whence my characters spring. Between that and finding the right music to listen to whilst writing (done) I’m ready to get cracking. [I’ve already got ideas and notes for stories set in my fictional world.]

So I’ve begun re-reading the Dexter novels–this is only the second time I’ve read them and already I’m seeing things I didn’t the first time around. I was so enamoured with Dex I didn’t notice the little things like the less than sparkling writing. This speaks volumes to Lindsay’s talent. Typically, nothing can save a book without stellar writing, but I didn’t even notice the first time.

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