Autodidact: self-taught


Why use the word ‘Satanist’?

by V. L. Craven

I have followed the tenets of Satanism my entire life, unaware that there was a name for it; I was just being myself. I was perfectly happy with this, so why take up the name now since it frightens people?

I’ve always been a proponent of being true to oneself. This is my truth. How could I respect myself if I did not follow my own belief in self-awareness and honesty with oneself? Because it would threaten those who are not only afraid of the unknown but takes pride in that fear? Is their faith so tenuous that merely listening to another person’s opinion can threaten it? If your faith is true to you it will be true no matter what another person believes.

I am not responsible for the ignorance of others. That is their own undoing. Why should I appease those who would deny me my personal philosophy when it does them no harm?

Out of spite for those who would deny me my individuality because of fear of their own humanity I shall claim the name Satanist.

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