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Asus EEE

by V. L. Craven

The new Asus Eee makes my heart go pitter pat.

It’s $400, weighs 2lb, comes loaded with Linux and is teeny.

I came across it when looking at e-readers, as I still haven’t given up on there eventually being a decent one out there. The Eee is one sweet piece of technology. Nice little wifi finder and 15 second boot up time.

I think I’d use it a great deal for writing–it’d be much easier to make notes on than my full-size laptop–and I’d be more comfortable working in bed. That may not sound like a big deal to most, but the more comfortable I am, the more productive I am. I’d be more likely to do some work in bed rather than sitting up, reading books nothing to do with my research.

The 10″ screen is supposed to be released in 2008, so I may wait for that.

Or perhaps not. We’ll see.


[This is a repost from a now defunct blog. Original post date: late 2007]

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