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Harry Potter and the Nearly Incomprehensible Film

by V. L. Craven

I’ve finally seen the fifth Harry Potter film. I can’t believe anyone who hasn’t read the books could have any clue what the hell was going on. I know they only have so long for a film, but I don’t think a fifteen hour long DVD for the fans would go amiss. Watson was still in over-dramatic mode and Grint was Mr Mumble-Face but Radcliffe has improved a great deal.

What I found most confusing were the things they partially put in but didn’t explain. Like that Harry was the snake–there’s a half second shot of a snake but it’s not obvious that it’s a reflection. Then Sirius’s mother’s portrait is heard whispering behind a curtain but it’s never explained who she is or what the hell she’s muttering about.

I liked the look best of the films thus far (though the third one comes close) and the veil Siruis fell through was much more beautiful and haunting than I’d pictured. And have mercy but Helena Bonham Carter was perfect for Bellatrix, but overall the film felt rushed.

And there wasn’t enough of Rickman or Smith. And they cut my favourite scenes, but I always say that. Whinge whinge gripe complain.

And of course I’ll buy the next two films. Because I’m a good consumer.

[This is a re-post from a now-defunct blog. Original post date: 11 January, 2008]

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