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Devil Music

by V. L. Craven
Recently, I watched two documentaries about Norwegian Black Metal bands. Until the Light Takes Us and Satan Rides the Media.

I’m glad I watched them back to back. (The first one was an English documentary and all of the Norwegian and Swedish people spoke impeccable English. The Norwegians sounded almost American and the Swede sounded Scottish–Stirling.)

Until the Light Takes Us. Involved the big names in Norwegian Black Metal and how they were involved in church burnings (as a protest of Christianity destroying Scandinavian cultures), as well as the suicide and murder of two other people. The murder by one of the members of a band of another member.
This one was straight-forward documentary and was sympathetic to the members of the bands. It involved only interviews with Black Metal bands.

Satan Rides the Media. This was in Norwegian and had more interviews with media and ‘professionals’ than members of the bands involved in the church burnings and murder. This one was all about how Black Metal bands and their fans were a bunch of Satanists. In the first documentary, it was apparent that none of them were Satanists. Once the media began portraying them as such, copy-cat (kids, mostly) began setting fire to churches and leaving Satanic (or Satanistic, as the media called it) symbols. I suppose the fact that it was Christian churches burned the media decided they must be Satanic, but really they were just anti-Christian because the churches were often built on ancient Pagan ceremonial grounds. Some of the media recognized that there was no real evidence that the original guys were actually Satanists so they needed to tone that bit down. By then the damage had been done. One woman gave an interview saying that they’d sacrificed the baby she’d had at 15 and that they’d told her she should be honoured by this.
My absolute favourite part was that once the media decided Satanists were involved they decided they needed to speak to Christians because ‘they should know all about Satanism’.
Y-yeah… because when you want to know something about a group you want to ask the people who hate them most and have the most to gain from their downfall. It’s the reason you consult Neo-Nazis about Jewish religious rituals.

Can you hear my eyes rolling from where you are?

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