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Asus Eee 1215b and 1215n Trackpad Problems

by V. L. Craven

Roughly a week ago I received my new Asus 1215n netbook. It’s the fourth Asus Eee I’ve had and my favourite, thus far. The only complaint I have is that the trackpad malfuncations at least once a day. It only wants to move on the vertical and when I tap to click it reacts as thought I’ve right-clicked.

I consulted the internet and found out that many other people had had this problem. They were told by Asus to reinstall drivers to no avail. Then a few industrious souls opened up their machines to move a couple of pads beneath the trackpad and that worked. Well, that worked for me, as well. For a little more than a day.

Several people returned their 1215ns and received replacements. That had the exact same problem. It’s clearly a construction problem. No other Asus Eee has the same specs so I’m keeping this one. I’m just using an external mouse now.

Instructions on how to move the pads beneath the trackpad:

1. On the bottom of your computer you’ll need to remove two screws. One on the upper left and one on the right.

Remove two screws

2. Use a credit card (technique shown at the 05:30 mark of this video) to pop the small tabs up all along the edge of the palm rest area, including along the keyboard. This piece will want to slide upwards towards the screen a small amount while being removed. Do not try to completely disconnect the palm rest, as it’s connected to the computer by a cable.

3. Move the grey/silver pads to the right:

Insides of Asus Eee 1215

–Some people completely removed the top grey/silver pad for success. (I did and it was a permanent fix.)

This information came from this site.

10 Responses to “Asus Eee 1215b and 1215n Trackpad Problems”

  1. Federico Says:

    I have the touchpad problem on my 1215b…
    and by looking at the picture I noticed 2 pads…
    did you move/remove the top one only, or also the one below it.

  2. Autodidact Says:

    I removed the top pad. Good luck!

  3. Ryan Says:

    i own 1215B linux C-50 processor same problem with touchpad..i just updated bios and windows updates, then the problem is gone.. i think its a software issue. i did not open my 1215B just pure updates.. =) now works really fine, i’m using it wanting to go wrong again but still its good already =)

  4. Autodidact Says:

    It’s fantastic that you got it working without having to crack the case! It’s such a relief to only need to update (or reinstall) software.

  5. Janne Says:

    Thanks! I had the same problem and tried updating drivers and all that shit.. then I installed ubuntu wishing that the touchpad wouldn’t be malfuntional.. but no luck!
    So I followed this guide and removed the top pad completely, and voila!
    Thanks again, I almost lost my mind earlier!

  6. Autodidact Says:


  7. sakis Says:

    I second the fixing method with removing the upper silver pad under the touchpad. Seems to work fine after that! 😉

  8. LLCoolJ Says:

    Awesome! I think it really works!
    Thanks a lot!

  9. Tohokuben Says:


    Could you confirm – are you still using a mouse, or did you, like some others who posted, remove the pads altogether and find that to be a permanent working solution (I’m not sure from the above thread of posts)?

    I too am having this problem since I purchased my machine in May in Hong Kong. Realizing something was amiss, I returned mine for a replacement, only to have the same problem. Grrrrr….! I have been using a mouse, but this makes the machine less get-up-and-go portable. I want the working trackpad I paid Asus for!


  10. Autodidact Says:

    I removed the pads altogether and it’s been a permanent working solution for me. Good luck!

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