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I Feel Pretty and Witty and Girly

by V. L. Craven

As mentioned previously, I was admiring the Villainess soaps on offer over at the Gorey Details Shop. I went to the Villainess shop and wound up buying a bit of everything. Then I tried all of it out. Wowwee, but do I feel girly now. After using the mud my face was softer than it’s ever been before–and I’ve used various facial products over the years. The body scrub, called Smooch!, is amazing and left my skin soft and moisturised and the lotion (Whipped) was indulgent and wonderful. I have pretty dry skin, but it still felt soft and silky the morning after I’d put it on.

You also get two samples per order–I chose Blood and Bathory, both of which smelled gorgeous–and my other products were all of the Miss Edith variety. Luxurious would be a good word for it.


[This is a re-post from a now-defunct blog. Original post date: 9 March 2008]

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