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“The Fox” by DH Lawrence

by V. L. Craven

This is my first D.H. Lawrence and while it was interesting and quite well written, I wonder about Lawrence’s feelings about women as people. He admitted loving men romantically, if not sexually, but that doesn’t preclude him thinking women were lost without men.

The story is about two women trying to run a small farm in England after the First World War. They obviously love one another dearly. A young soldier shows up and seemingly gleefully tears their world apart. One of the women seems quite glad to no longer have to be with a woman for reasons that come across as being quite misogynistic, though Lawrence could have simply been sticking to the beliefs of the day. The final few pages didn’t seem to hold with the rest of the book, which made me wonder if it ended differently originally but someone made him change the end.

I do want to read more of Lawrence’s work, but would prefer something that didn’t leave me making a baroo face (that’s the face dogs make when they heard something high pitched or curious–that head tilt).

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