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Fall from Sanity

by V. L. Craven

You know who is a happy fellow? Fred Phelps. That guy is the epitome of Christian love and compassion.

He’d never think of saying something like: ‘God doesn’t love everybody! Don’t give me that crap!’

And Fall from Grace shows him in all his glory as a beacon of gentler times to come.

[The beginning of this post brought to you by Sarcasm(tm).]

Seriously,  the best parts of this are the interviews with the children in the family/church and the interviews with the two children of Mr Phelps who ran away from home. They give some interesting insights into his personality.

Oh, and the groups of people who get together to foil the Phelps’ attempts to make jackasses of themselves at funerals (the bikers who form a line between them and the mourners and rev their engines to drown out the shouting, for example) bring a tear of joy to my eye.
The biggest surprise for me was learning that Mr Phelps was about to turn 50 at the filming. I thought he was closer to 80.

Being angry and hateful all the time ages you like a mofo, people!

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