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Coffee: Good for You & Bad for You

by V. L. Craven

I read a recent article about how to best use coffee without becoming addicted (or breaking your current addiction) and it reminded me of an article in the New York Times about coffee.

My favourite bit, a note about how coffee is self-regulating, unlike other stimulates cocaine or meth. “Too much cocaine makes you feel invincible; too much coffee makes you think you’re having a nervous breakdown.”

That reminds me of when I heard Gertrude Stein and Co liked n alcoholic beverage that had coffee in. I thought, “I like coffee. I like alcohol. Brilliant!”

So I got some.

Holy crap, my friends. I was drunk. I was in over-drive. I’ve never done cocaine or had a psychotic break but I thought perhaps that’s what it felt like.

I’ve just realised that simply typing about the episode had made me open my eyes as wide as they’d go…

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