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The Philospher’s Diet

by V. L. Craven

I picked up Richard Watson’s The Philosopher’s Diet because I’d loved his The Philosopher’s Demise about his attempts to learn to speak French in his fifties. It was an interesting enough read though it’s not going to change my life at the moment.

Geared towards people who want to lose twenty pounds and keep them off, chiefly by changing what they eat and how they think about food (and by running four miles a day), this book is reasonably inspirational and quite informative. Watson is anti-sugar, salt and white flour and pro small farmers and range fed meat. He’s all about destroying the corporatization of America and taking control of one’s own life by taking control of what one consumes.

The philosophical sections were much more interesting to me than the dieting sections for obvious reasons. The best part of reading this book was that that night I dreamt about the biggest milkshake ever. It had chocolate, vanilla and coffee ice cream in and whipped cream with caramel and chocolate on top.

I woke up and bought the ingredients and made them.
And they were blinding, man. Just blinding.

[This post from a previous blog. Orig. date: April 06, 2008]

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