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Poison Elves: Sanctuary

by V. L. Craven

A friend read a novel I’d written about a person who isn’t naturally violent but also has no empathy and therefore makes the perfect killer; this person is recruited to work for a privately-funded organisation that removes certain people from the general populace. It’s philosophical black humour. My friend said she really liked it and it reminded her of something else she’d read–a comic called Poison Elves . She let me borrow Sanctuary , the fifth volume in the series, and, lo’ amighty, it’s very similar to my novel. The main character is an elf named Lusiphur and he’s brought into a secret organisation of assassins. There’s quite the black humour, but happily, the similarities end there. I say ‘happily’ because I don’t want to get sued by anyone for stealing a character or storyline.

It is nice to read a sort of parallel universe story to my novel since I usually worry that my world is too dark and frightening to appeal to people. [Then again the ball of sunshine known as Hubert Selby was popular so I’m not sure if being too dark is possible.] It’s also nice to be able to experience a world like mine that’s just a bit different–it’s as though the comic were written just for me. I’d also recommend this one to anyone who likes the Dexter books by Jeff Lindsay. Solid four stars.

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