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A Skeleton Plays the (Bone) Fiddle

by V. L. Craven
Judson Huss -- Title unknown

Judson Huss — Title unknown

Hat tip to Le Marche Morte .

Edit: An enormous thank you to Katelyn in the comment below for letting me know this is by Judson Huss. His work is incredible .

4 Responses to “A Skeleton Plays the (Bone) Fiddle”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Do you know who drew this?

  2. Autodidact Says:

    I don’t, unfortunately. I’ve looked around and can only find it listed as an example of Danse Macabre art. If you happen to come across the author, please let me know.

  3. Katelyn Says:

    The artist is Judson Huss, his work really is fantastic.

  4. Autodidact Says:

    You are wonderful, thank you!

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