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American Virgin by Steven Seagle

by V. L. Craven

I’ve recently come into an abundance of comics and have been trying ones I hadn’t seen before at my local comic shop (no fault of theirs, they have so much I get overwhelmed and stick to the few comics with which I’m familiar). American Virgin by Steven T Seagle is one of those finds.

Adam Chamberlain is a 21 year old hardcore Christian who advocates abstinence prior to marriage. He’s at university to become a minister or preacher–that hasn’t been clarified yet–and is quite charismatic, getting teens to sign virginity pledges. In the first issue his long-time girlfriend (whom God told Adam would be the only one he’d love or be with) is in Africa doing aid work when she’s killed by a terrorist. Adam gets his half sister, Cyndi to go with him to Mozambique to avenge her death. During the trip Adam begins seeing more of the world and learning that not all Christians are as single-minded as he is about their bodies.

Overall themes are spirituality versus carnality–how decisions we make now affect the next phase. The characters are believably complex and the artwork is grittier, though not noir-like. (Sorry, I’m not yet accustomed to reviewing art.) The first storyline is four issues long and I give it four stars.

[This is from a previous blog. Original post date: 25 January, 2008]

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