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Ink is Black, Snow is White

by V. L. Craven

Which is one of the many reasons Greg Rucka’s artwork in Whiteout is so amazing.

Other reasons are the genuinely unpredictable storyline, well-rounded characters and unusual setting– Antarctica. There are several permanent bases on the ice and each one is run by its own government–US, UK, Russia. Cassie is a U.S. Marshal who was sent down there after she killed a criminal in her custody. It was self-defense but a brutal killing is a brutal killing. Near the end of the season–just before the population at McMurdo drops from 1,200 to 200 for the winter–there are a series of murders that she’s charged with solving before everyone leaves the ice.

She winds up teaming up with Lily, an Englishwoman from Victoria station in order to solve the case. Their relationship is complex and interesting and I learned a lot about Antarctica, mostly that I never want to go there. Four stars.

[This post is from a previous blog. Original post date: 23 January, 2008]

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