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Dexter Part Trois

by V. L. Craven

If you’re a fan of the Dexter Morgan books by Jeff Lindsay and you haven’t read the third book then stop reading now.

In the third book we find out that Dexter is possessed by a three-thousand year old demon. Right. I’d like the books so much (prior to this one) because Dexter seemed like a real sociopath. Perhaps Lindsay really needed a third book and this was his only idea–to blame Dexter’s homicidal feelings on an evil that flits from one being to the next, as it has been doing since the dawn of time. Nice. This is up there with explaining Hannibal Lecter away by his childhood trauma. Monsters just need to be monsters. Leave my monsters alone, dammit!

At least Lindsay didn’t make him a normal person by the end, something that looked likely and frightened me more than anything Dex had ever done to anyone. I did like that the intense pain that he had to feel before getting his evil back was the realisation of what “normal” life would be like. It is rather terrifying.

And as a sidebar–The cover should have been my first clue. Just look at that travesty up there. How did we go from this:

and this:

to that thing up there?

[2012 Update: I stopped reading the novels after this one. It wasn’t a conscious decision, I simply lost interest. I still watch the show, which seems to be Lindsay’s way of fixing all of the problems in the books.]

[This post is from a previous blog. Original post date: 7 Dec, 2007]

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