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Kazuki Takamatsu

by V. L. Craven

I’m fascinated by the concept of a folie a deux , which is when two people who’d otherwise by law-abiding citizens, become criminals when with one particular other person. See Juliet Hume and Pauline Parker, Leopold and Loeb, the Papin Sisters, etc.

So I really enjoyed these paintings by Kazuki Takamatsu, of a pair of girls that are clearly going to wreck someone’s day. Possibly yours.

Being me, I made up a little story to go with my favourites.

First, they meet and discover they have things in common. Ominous music plays in the background.


After discovering an affinity for weaponry…

Of New Friends I Could

They begin accessorizing and hovering above the ground.

Maybe a Good Friend

Then they take up playing with sharp things… in the fog.

We of Today


After a trip to the local BAMF shop they walk into town.

Two of the Next Week, a Good Friend

Then the screaming begins.

The end.

A few others for you:

Decoration Figure Herbivorous


How to Make


Karano Left Town

Takamatsu’s homepage.

A Juztapoz article on his methods.

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