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Erotic Refugees by Paddy Kelly

by V. L. Craven

Erotic Refugees

Title and author: Erotic Refugees by Paddy Kelly

Genre: Lad  lit/dick lit

What led you to pick up the book? It’s written by a guy whose blog is very insightful and amusing. I also enjoy lad lit, as I identify with the hapless dudes who have a terrible time with the ladies and just sorting their lives out in general.

Summarize the plot without revealing the ending. An Irishman living in Sweden tries to get his life on track after the break up of a long-term relationship.

What did you like most? The humour was funny, which is what you want in humour. Also, I enjoyed learning about Sweden through the eyes of an Irishman. The main characters were involved in the techy/computery/softwarey industry, which isn’t something you see much and was interesting. It made me never want to get involved in a start-up, though. There were more sub-plots than most lad lit books have, which is a good thing.

What did you dislike? Irish characters with unpronounceable names. If I wanted to be tripped up every time I came across a protagonist’s name I’d read Dostoevsky. [FYI: Eoin is pronounced like Owen or own and Eamonn is AY-mun.]

Thoughts on the main character: He was a good bloke. Very everyman, trying to learn to stand up for himself and be a good dad and just a good person.

Opinion on the ending. It was satisfying without feeling too forced, which is something that often happens in the genre.

Overall rating: 9/10 for lad lit. High Fidelity is my 10. I’d definitely recommend it.


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