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Crooked House

by V. L. Craven

Crooked House


Ghost stories were highly popular at Christmastime with the Victorians (think A Christmas Carol ) and, in that spirit, on Christmas Eve, I watched Crooked House . It’s billed as a television series on Netflix, but at an hour and a half total it can be watched in one sitting.

A young man takes an ancient door knocker to an antiques dealer, played wonderfully creepy by the screenwriter, Mark Gatiss, who explains it’s likely from Geap Manor, which was destroyed some time ago. There’s all sorts of stories about odd goings-on in the house, three of which the dealer tells to the young man. The man takes it home and increasingly unsettling things happen, prompting him to try and rid himself of the cursed object, only to find it returning, seemingly of its own accord.

Saying more would ruin the plot, but each story is well-done and the atmosphere is handled beautifully. A fun, eerie diversion best watched on a rainy evening, I give it 8/10 and would definitely recommend it.

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