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Internet Sites for the Poe Fanatics

by V. L. Craven

Poe's Grave

Growing up, my peers thought me strange for liking creepy old Poe, but if I had lived in the Internet-age I would have been able to find like-minded individuals like Dahlia Jane, whose site, Upon a Midnight Dreary –though not exclusively about our man–will surely appeal to his fans. There’s an excellent post with instructions on how to put together an E.A. Poe costume , as well as an account of her visit to Baltimore .

In which she visited these places.

In which she visited these places.

Here are other sites I would have loved to have access to when a baby-goth:

Forevermore : A site devoted to Poe and recently launched a magazine of the same name, which I’ll review on Friday.

Edgar Allan Poe Museum : The site is not only full of useful information (and a nifty shop ), but it’s gorgeous. It also has information for both teachers and students of Poe–one of those sites you stumble across and wind up spending a couple hours on.

Poe Museum

Knowing Poe : In competition with the previous entry for amount of useful information, Knowing Poe was created by a teacher with the aim of helping teenagers engage with Poe’s work. There are lots of questions to help students understand the fiction and poetry. The most useful things are an interactive timeline, videos and audio that puts Poe’s life and work into perspective against other literary works and historical events and examines his process. Another site in which you can get lost.

World of Poe : A blog devoted to our man because, as the author says, ‘ I have come to the firm conclusion that at least 90% of everything that has been published about the man is complete poppycock,’ which sounds about right. Posts are well-researched and written–I highly recommend it. (Though a darker theme wouldn’t hurt, as it’s a little bright on the eyes.)

The PoeCat that made me laugh hardest--credit Undine

The PoeCat that made me laugh hardest–credit Undine

Poe Baltimore : A site run by a non-profit organisation that will be taking over the Poe House and Museum in  Baltimore, once it’s reopened sometime in 2013. A pretty bare bones site, but they can use your support!

The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore : Warning, this site has a cornea-scorching vibrant green background (green? really?). Once your eyes have adjusted–or you’ve donned a pair of sunglasses–the page is crammed full of useful information, lists, and links.

Poe with signature

His penmanship was admirable.

The Poe Decoder : In  2001, someone had the great idea of making a site to collect criticism and deconstruction of Poe’s work. Then they did nothing else. The few pieces that are on the site are interesting, though. Warning: This site will give you flashbacks to the late ’90s. All it needs is flashing gifs.

Poe Stories : A wonderful site that has all of his stories and some poetry (no essays or criticism, alas). It makes up for that by having a timeline of his life, and a gallery of images that includes Manet’s illustrations of ‘The Raven’

Edgar Allan Poe’s National Historic Site : The National Park Service’s site for the Edgar Allan Poe House in Philadelphia. Not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it serves its purpose of providing information about visiting the site. There are photos of exhibits and parts of the house. I’ve included it on this list for those interested in planning a trip or seeing the stairs in his home.


Perfect for walling someone up alive, methinks.

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