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iTunes Backup and Hidden Files

by V. L. Craven

My Asus Eee Top has two internal hard drives. The one with Windows 7 on it is 40gb. I’d moved my Dropbox files to the 250gb, as well as anything else that could be moved. Still, the 40gb was consistently full. It seemed I couldn’t do anything without receiving an error message saying I only had a few megabytes of space on my hard drive. It gets old, fast.

Just… Fucking… GRAAAAAAA

Through the usefulness of the internet, I found Treesize Free , which checks the size of all files, including hidden files. Through this I discovered there were several months’ worth of backup files in iTunes, occupying several gigs of space.

The best way to delete those is by:
Mac: iTunes –> Preferences (or)  Windows: Edit –> Preferences
Devices > Delete Backup

You can then set it to backup via iCloud . mmmm cloud storage.

Another very useful piece of software for tidying computer files:  CCleaner

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