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Gifts for the Poe Fan in Your Life

by V. L. Craven

You have all his books, you’ve memorised his poems, you’ve doodled his picture on your notebook, but, surely, in this consumer society, there must be more you can do to show your appreciation for Mr. Poe. It turns out, the Internet has loads of things for just such an occasion. Here are some of my favourites:

[Disclaimer: these were all created by people with far more artistic gifts than I have.]


Poe Shirt Raven Women

This is probably my favourite Poe-themed t-shirt. It’s available on Zazzle , and is, therefore, quite customisable in terms of type of clothing you’d like the design on. For example, that link will take you to a page titled ‘Raven Men’s Dark Shirt’, but then you may choose from 60 different styles of clothing. Because of this, the price varies greatly, but the one above, which is the Women’s Hanes ComfortSoft T-shirt is $32USD.

Poe shirt from November Fire

November Fire  has wonderful apparel for the macabre, and they don’t let down the Poe fans. They start at $17 and is brilliant.

Office Supplies & Stationery

Poe and Raven Envelopes

These gorgeous envelopes are available from the LaPapierre shop on etsy for $6.40 per set of sixteen.

Poe Postcard 01

The above image  is a beautiful illustration that can be put on two different sizes of greeting cards or a postcard, starting at 2.08 USD.


Handmade Poe Purse

This handmade purse can be found on one of my favourite macabre shopping sites, The Gorey Details. It’s crafted out of an actual, leatherbound book. It’s $65, and you can choose which type of handle you’d like: antique or longer shoulder-length black. More Poe themed items at the shop here .

The Raven hair clip

This hair clip is elegant and gorgeous. If it were mine, I’d find go out of my way to find nice places to wear it. It’s a vailable from Etsy for $35. From the description: This handmade hair clip has selected quotes from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” woven into the flower and leaves. The colors are charcoal grey and black. The text is on silver paper. The finished size is around 4″.

Raven choker

Alchemy Gothic raven choker available from The Black Cat Closet for $60.95.


Raven Peep Etsy Shop

This adorable little guy is approx. 8″ x 12″,  handmade in soft fleece or felt, and available on Etsy for $35 USD and if I had disposable income, I’d adopt one today and name him MyRaven. Because he’d be mine. And a raven.

Really, just go to Etsy and search for Poe . There are ridiculous numbers of incredible creations celebrating our man.

And other fun bits and bobs

Poe Bobble Head

The Poe bobble head ($19.95) is available through the Poe Museum shop , which has many other fantastic gifts.

Poe Action Figure

This one is difficult to find, but I love it so much I had to include it in this list.

And finally, no shrine to our man would be complete without a raven:

Stuffed Raven

Not the most sinister-looking one available, but it’s done by Audubon and makes the ‘caw’ sound. (Alas, it doesn’t say ‘Nevermore,’ but you can have everything.) The little guy above is $8 from Amazon .

Personally, I prefer this guy:

Plush Raven He’s made by Wild Republic, but is no longer in production. Colour me disappointed.

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