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The Raven (Film)

by V. L. Craven

The Raven Film Poster

The bad thing about being far behind every other human in terms of media is that it can be difficult to avoid spoilers. The good thing is having your expectations lowered to the point of very, very rarely being disappointed and fairly frequently being pleasantly surprised.

Such is the case for The Raven, which was panned by Poe fans and critics.

Someone is killing people in the manner of some of the murders in Poe’s stories. It becomes obvious the person is trying to communicate directly with our man and he is the only one who can solve the case. This is bookended by Poe being found in a park, delirious and apparently inebriated, as an explanation of the man’s final, mysterious days.

Many scenes were nearly too dark to see what was happening, and, while I appreciate that they were trying to recreate the terror of walking into a gruesome crime scene with only gas lamps, I think the audience would have forgiven a couple extra lights.

Beyond that, it was typical suspense fare. The costumes were lovely and the sets worked well–the atmosphere would appeal to fans of Sleepy Hollow. 7/10 for period touches.

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