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Slow Derek and Why the World is Flat

by V. L. Craven

That’s Slow Derek by Dan Ojari. It’s about a man who can’t keep up with the spinning of the Earth.

It reminds me of this map of our flat and stationary earth from 1893:

Click to giganticise.

See those nattily dressed fellows on the right?

Slow down, mate!

Stop the world, I want to get off!

I love that they’re only flying on the earth that fast ‘in their minds’. Clearly, the earth must not be moving (not just because the Bible said so, which we all know is an accurate scientific and historical document but) because we’d fly off if it was moving. And if Professor Orlando Ferguson doesn’t understand the forces at work then those forces don’t exist.

Good to know people no longer cite random passages from the Bible to defend their irrational beliefs. (And if they do, it only takes a hundred years for them to look like idiots!)

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