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This Post is Better than Monday

by V. L. Craven

You know what’s better than Monday? Everything. The links in this post are part of everything that isn’t Monday, and, therefore, are better than Monday.

If the first day of the workweek makes you feel like Catherine Martin at the bottom of a well, here are some other things to do.

Jame Gumb as Monday

‘It puts the business casual on its body.’

Surviving the deadliest meal in the world with Leo Benedictus is better than Monday. At least you don’t have to eat bits of flavourless condom (read the article and that will make sense.)

Fugu starts with FU for a reason

Fugu starts with F U for a reason

You can pretend you have no fear of loss of life and limb and would jump off a rope swing set up over a 400 foot drop by compound bow (not really) like these lunatics. [Then watch the making of video–it’s incredible.]

Once you’ve recovered from the adrenaline rush, spend a few minutes wishing you had the focus and determination (and funds) to construct a truly impressive Hogwarts out of Lego.

Alice Finch Lego Hogwarts

And you thought Grawp was big.

No matter your job, at least you don’t have to pick up a road-killed wolf, then skin and gut it.
[Or if that seems freakin’ brilliant, live vicariously through Emily Graslie of The Brain Scoop in this playlist.]

If you need some fresh air after the blood and viscera and …smells, you could take a short walk outside and play #4 on this list of Four Free Games You Can Play to Make Life More Interesting. And if you have cool friends, perhaps some of them will play #1 on the list or even #3. (I loathe Karaoke, but would absolutely play Karaoke Russian Roulette with John and Hank Green and Emily Graslie. [Mostly I want to see the three of them sing ‘She Blinded Me with Science’ like an 80s power ballad, but I’d be happy with anything.] Call me, guys.)

Whatever you do with the rest of your day…


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