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Do Your Body Parts Belong to You?

by V. L. Craven

What if you, I don’t know, have a part amputated, put it in a barbecue smoker for safe keeping and then lose the smoker because you can’t keep up the payments? Does the person who bought the smoker own your leg?

What do you think after you read this article about a North Carolina man whose leg was auctioned off in the smoker he could no longer afford to house.

Joy. I love it when the state I live in makes international headlines with quality stories like this.

This is going to court… It brings all sorts of questions to mind.
Why keep an appendage that’s been amputated? How do you preserve that limb? I know you can embalm a limb, but embalming is only to slow down decomposition–not stop it. Obviously, after whatever is done to it one doesn’t have to keep the limb in air-tight or temperature-controlled conditions.

If I were the judge of this case I’d say the leg didn’t belong to either of them.

Then get out my LART.

[This is a repost. Original post date: 6 October, 2007]

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