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Blogs for the Macabre: ScaryDad

by V. L. Craven

Welcome to the first post of a new regular feature, where I’ll be highlighting blogs for the macabre and sites for those interested in the dark, gothic and generally spooky.

This week the blog Scarydad : Your everyday source for Halloween, Horror and Holiday DIY.


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Scarydad is a great blog for people who’d prefer if it was Halloween year round. With posts about DIY–both Halloween-themed and just-for-fun–and photos of great costumes, film and book reviews, and other fun bits and bobs there’s a little for everyone.

SD and I sat down (at our separate computers) and had a chat (through email).

When/why did you start your site?

I started Scarydad in June of 2012. I found myself commenting in forums and on sites that I enjoyed. I was also spending a lot of time looking for a site like mine but there was always something I wished was different. Finally I just decided the best way for a site to be exactly what I wanted was to make my own.

What sort of subject matter do you cover?

I have always been interested in horror and the macabre- ghost stories, Halloween, festivals, etc. I spend most of the time after October 31 looking forward to the next Halloween so most of my material is in that vein. The heart and soul of the site, though, are the projects. I come up with ideas or find online and modify them. I take pictures of the process, then post them as tutorials.

I also have a few (true) ghost stories, product reviews, wish lists, rants, and movie and music reviews. Whatever I feel like talking about that I think will fit goes in.

How frequently do you update?

As much as possible. I aim for 4-5 times a week though it’s a slow season for readership so I’ve been spending a little more time on projects and research and doing 2 or 3 instead. My favorite sites update at least every weekday, if not more, so I think content creation is important.

What would you like to achieve with it?

My dream? To have millions of loyal followers and a thriving Halloween community 24/7 all year long, Scarydad branded Halloween stores that compete with Spirit in cities and towns all over the world, to be the guy that shows Martha Stewart how to do Halloween projects the right way.

My reality? To have a bustling community of users submitting content and a couple of sponsors to help me afford the more complicated and expensive projects.

But I’ll take both if anyone’s offering. 😛

Do you create all of your own content?

All except for the picture dumps which are reblogged from other sites on the web. I would prefer it if readers submitted content but so far there’s not enough to fill a weekly post. I search for cool Halloween and horror-related pictures that hopefully will inspire people to send stuff in.

Is there anything else you’d like people to know?

Joking about Martha Stewart aside, this really is a labor of love. I write because I enjoy it and if I never make a dollar from this I’ll do it anyway. That said, it really makes my day when a reader submits a picture for one of the dumps or a story for a post. If you or anyone you know are interested in reaching out, I am here.

Thank you to ScaryDad for being my first subject. I love your site and wish you the best. Good luck and keep creating fantastic content!

Also check out the ScaryDad FB page and you can follow him  on Twitter .



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