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Undead Machinery

by V. L. Craven


Undead Machinery

Undead Machinery  (Entertainment for the living, deceased and undead) is fairly new on the scene, but has a lot of promise and is what I would call ‘light-heartedly twisted’. Fans of Roman Dirge should pay attention. Nearly everything is created by Calyn, including the writing (which is very fun and creative) and illustrations (ditto). On the site the bloggess describes herself as a ‘geekified goth’ which perfectly describes someone else I know :cough:myself:cough:

My absolute favourite bits are the  Ask the Reaper  questions, where people can ask good ol’ Grimmy for advice on a variety of topics, but all of her fiction is inventive and amusing–I love the Dear Grim Reaper  stories–and depression bunny makes me laugh. A lot.

Depression Bunny by Calyn of Undead Machinery

Calyn very graciously agreed to answer some questions about her site:

When/why did you start your site?

I started Undead Machinery in the beginning of September 2012. I needed a place to put some of my extra work unrelated to my main projects, and thought a blog would be a great way to share it with others.

What sort of subject matter do you cover?

My work generally includes comedy, horror and macabre. It covers subjects from dead cheerleaders to zombie tea parties.

How frequently do you update?

I update every month with, most often, a ” Dear Grim Reaper ” story, progress regarding ” Depression Bunny ” and ” Tea Time of the Dead “, comics and/or short stories.

What would you like to achieve with it?

I am constantly looking to improve entertainment quality, and reach out to a larger audience.

Do you create all of your own content?

Yes, I create all of the content myself, aside from the occasional images of UFOs and 1950s television ads used to illustrate pages and posts.

Is there anything else you’d like people to know?

I will be launching a new show called “A Day in The Life of Death” featuring the Grim Reaper’s daily routines. To stay informed, visit the Youtube channel or Twitter , where he interacts in character. You can also ask him questions at .

I’d like to thank Calyn for being a great interview subject and I’m very much looking forward to seeing more of the Grim Reaper. Both in print and on YouTube.

It can take some digging to find links to all of the comics, but, as I said, it’s fairly new, so that will be sorted out, I’m sure. And I’m looking forward to more content (I want more!). So haul your rotting corpse over and give her some feedback and some love.

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