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Sylwia Makris

by V. L. Craven

This week the focus is on Sylwia Makris , a German photographer of gorgeous, ethereal art.

From her portfolio:  Icons .

I thought I’d start with one for the Johnny Depp/Gary Oldman in Dracula fans. You’re welcome.

Timur Karakus by Sylwia Makris

Timur Karakus

This one reminds me of a Pre-Raphaelite painting. I half-expect Ophelia to float by.

Skadi van Terror by Sylwia Makris

Skadi van Terror


Not everyone can pull off either a neck tattoo or asymmetrical fringe, but you do both admirably, sir. And, per usual, I really want to know what that tattoo looks like.

Tobias Monsieur Guillotine by Sylwia Makris

Tobias Monsieur Guillotine


This portrait reminds me of Miss Havisham, one of my all-time favourite fictional characters.

Inga by Sylwia Makris



I love the baroque feel of this one. At first glance, it looks like a painting, rather than a photograph. Marat on his way to the bath.

Luca Thompson by Sylwia Makris

Luca Thompson


The ever-winning combination of a (tastefully) nearly-nude, beautiful woman with interesting make-up and awesome tattoos. The skeleton key on her wrist is a bonus.

Denise Miller by Sylwia Makris

Denise Miller


A big part of this is the make-up. You get the humanity–the freckles, but there’s also some sort of shading to bring out his marvelous bone structure. He looks like he’s been carved from marble.

Mirko by Sylwia Makris



The way the fabric is moving makes it look like it was taken underwater, which clearly isn’t the case. Silk and a fan? Her hair isn’t moving? I’m going with just beautiful. Well done.

Sarah by Sylwia Makris


Below is a (very small) sampling of some of Makris’ recent work. It’s untitled, hence no captions.

I would like to state for the record that I am in love with the model below, whoever she is. I just want to gaze upon her visage. She reminds me of a cross between Tilda Swinton and Alison Goldfrapp.

04 by Slywia Makris

06 by Slywia Makris

10 by Slywia Makris

14 by Slywia Makris

15 by Slywia Makris

18 Slywia Makris

I believe this set is called Diadema, but don’t hold me to that. Either way, prepare yourself for the beauty:

Diadema 07 by Sylwia Makris
Diadema 08 by Sylwia Makris
Diadema 09 by Sylwia Makris
Diadema 11 by Sylwia Makris
Diadema 12 by Sylwia Makris
Diadema 16 by Slywia Makris
Diadema 20 by Slywia Makris

If you’d like more of her work in your life (and why wouldn’t you?), like her Facebook page .

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