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Facebook for the Macabre

by V. L. Craven

If your Facebook newsfeed is a little boring or, Heaven forfend, cheerful, then like a few of these pages and gloom that thing up.

Morbid Anatomy Image

From Morbid Anatomy’s FB page



Community Pages

Image by Kirill Semenov

Image by Kirill Semenov via Dancing with Death


Thanatos Archive Photo

From The Thanatos Archive


Dahlia Jane having a day out

Dahlia Dreary (right) in bitchin’ shoes, with a ‘friend’


Bloodletting kit from Loved to Death

Bloodletting kit from Loved to Death


  • The Autodidact in the Attic : The Facebook page for this site, where I post all sorts of extra macabre things that don’t necessarily warrant their own blog posts.
  • Confessions of a Funeral Director : The FB page of writer Caleb Wilde , a 6th generation licenced funeral director and embalmer. Loads of funeral-based information, humour and images. (Hearses and coffins and caskets, oh my!)
  • The Morthouse : Skeletons, mummies, bog bodies, exhumations. The dead, and what happens to them. Mostly news stories having to do with death–nothing too gruesome. Mostly. Companion page to the website .
  • The Order of the Good Death : The FB companion page to the OGD website , which is about reconciling people with the concept of death–like the good old days. It’s also the home of the Ask a Mortician videos. You can see my post about those videos here .
  • ScaryDad : The FB page for the ScaryDad blog, whom I’ve interviewed .
ScaryDad is Scary

One of ScaryDad’s upcoming projects? Scary indeed.


Have I missed any out? What are you favourite FB pages?

2 Responses to “Facebook for the Macabre”

  1. virgo Says:

    you forgot CULT OF WEIRD!!!!

  2. Autodidact Says:

    Adding now. Any others?

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