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Masters of Horror Reviews Part 2

by V. L. Craven

Continuing from from  last week’s  post on the Masters of Horror series…

Chocolate (Mick Garris): A recently divorced man who creates artificial flavours for a living begins tasting chocolate–a really nice, artisan chocolate he’s never actually tasted. Then he begins having other episodes where he seems to be existing in two different places at once. The experiences become stronger and he becomes obsessed with the woman–he becomes determined to meet her. Directed by the MoH creator, Mick Garris, who also wrote the script. A fun bit of trivia happened when the main character picked up a book before bed, Stephen King’s Desperation, which Garris directed in 2006. One of the best written of the series. 10/10

Masters of Horror Chocolate

Homecoming (Joe Dante): Heavy-handed satire where the bodies of soldiers who’ve fallen in an unjust war are returned to the States and express their displeasure at their plight. I kept expecting some sort of twist but … nope. It fell flat in comparison to the others in the series. 5/10

MoH Homecoming

We would like to have a word with the person who sent us to war… or who wrote this script… whoever.

Deer Woman (John Landis): A washed-up detective assigned to animal attacks gets called out to investigate…something. At first, they think it’s an animal, but it turns out to be a human that’s been severely mutilated. Then another one comes in. And another… It’s based on an actual legend  and written by John Landis. This one had several laugh-out-loud moments, it was the funniest of the series. Landis seems to have a thing for films about human/animal hybrids. He did American Werewolf in London and Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. 9/10

Masters of Horror Deer Woman

I’d say she looks like a deer in headlights but she’d probably kick my ass. bu-dum-tish

John Carpenter’s Cigarette Burns (I couldn’t work out who directed this one, sorry) : A collector of rare films hires a young man known for being able to locate difficult-to-find films to find an infamous film that was supposed to have been completely destroyed. His search takes him to the house of a reviewer–someone who saw the one and only screening of the film, where there was a massacre, seemingly spurred by the film. Merely searching for the thing adversely affects his life–seeing flashes of his dead wife, for example–so, upon finding it, he decides not to screen it himself and just gives it to the collector. This was another really good one, one of the few that are of the calibre of a full-length film. 9/10

MoH Cigarette Burns

I have the sudden, overwhelming urge to watch Millennium. That was a good show.

Next Thursday will be the final set of episodes of the first series of MoH. See you then!

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