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The Tale of How

by V. L. Craven

Tale of How Print 3

The Tale of How by The Blackheart Gang is a musical piece about dodos who live in a tree growing out of the head of an octopus named Otto. Otto wants to eat the dodos.

Tale of How 05

Style-wise there’s a bit of William Morris about it, and Tim Burton and Steampunk. And the tentacles swooping things beneath the sea had a Victorian sailors-in-peril vibe.

Tale of How 04

Even aside from those things, I have something of an affinity for dodos, due to my enjoyment of the Thursday Next series and the main character’s pet dodo, Pickwick, who says Plock Plock and loves marshmallows.

Tale of How Print By The Blackheart Gang

Then there’s the eye-popping artwork. All of the images in this post are enlargeable. They are also prints over on their website , as well as other information. Including a ‘Making of’ video.

Tale of How Print 02

It’s been quite some time since they’ve updated the site. I can only hope they’re still working on the other two pieces in the trilogy, because I need to see more dodo adventures!

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