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Goth Blogs

by V. L. Craven

I’ve been looking for Goth blogs for quite some time and, for whatever reason, did not find that for which I most desperately sought. Google either didn’t like me or it didn’t like Goths or both. Either way, I knew the creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky people had to be out there and I knew they had to have internet connections.

Well, lo and behold, I’ve finally found a cache of blogs for the macabre. I know there are more, but this is a start.

If your blog doesn’t appear here,  it’s not a snub, we simply haven’t found one another yet. Please leave a comment if you have/know of a blog of interest to the macabre-minded and I’ll be updating this post as time goes on.


Alice Lost & The Monster Brigade : Hair and fashion, music, fiction and more music.

Bats in the Belfry, Cats in the Attic: On the tag post,some of her fav books were The Monk, The Virgin Suicides, and Lolita. Nice to meet you!

Black Ink and Black Cats: She’s a writer who loves coffee and chocolate and cats. Her tag post is here.

The Blogging Goth : UK-based journalist blogging about news important to Goths. I had the pleasure of interviewing him .

Breakfast Zombie: DIY awesomeness that looks like a homemade zine.

Cemetery Dreams:  She did a post on Highgate Cemetery . And a post with photos of some of her books.

Confessions of an Australian Goth: Goth style-focused blog.

Darkling Dreams : A blog by a goth who’s into games and books and writing, comic books and horror movies. She also likes creepy and cute things. I checked and I’m pretty sure this is my only site.


Eternal Wynter : Personal Gothic style and lifestyle blog

The Everyday Goth : I love the elegant design on this one. ‘For the everyday Goths who sleep in beds rather than coffins and prefer tea to concentrated doom.’ Heh. This person is an English major. The first post on her blog when I found it was about finding spooky books on GoodReads.

From the Crow’s Beak : Love, love the background on this site. Also, the first post that came up had a photo of her tuxedo cat that looked like mine, whose name is Vladimir Rasputin and he was headbutting a copy of Detection by Gaslight . I recognised the cover because I have a copy.

The Gothic Embrace : Very well-written blog with posts about live performances by people like Voltaire (lucky), as well as very well-researched articles like this one about Elizabeth Bathory , who is one of those people I find quite interesting.


Insomniac’s Attic: A beautiful site for lovers of oddities and antiques.

The Last Abomination: The blog of a 17 year old Slovakian photographer, snake-keeping, spider-keeping goth. His post about losing his pet snake broke my heart, and the one about his bafflement at the love of summer made me laugh.

The Life of a Baby Bat : Fashion and DIY for the most part, also personal blog of a younger gothling.

The Life of Chloe Noir : Blog of a Slovakian young woman centred mostly around fashion, photography (both in front of and behind the camera) and music.

Lucretia’s Reflection : Fashion, music, and other things of interest to the darker-inclined.

Madam Mari Mortem:  Victorian elegant DIY blog about make-up and clothes and jewellery and other loveliness. And she has a cat named Poe. So. Yeah.

Maudlin Pixie:  On the posts I looked at I saw a mention of Gloom ,a Black Books reference, and a desire to own a human skull. We can be friends. Also, the site is elegant and I dig her logo.


Nocturne Street:  General Goth blog by a 20 year old Londoner. Lots of music and other fun things. I really like the design of this one.

The Order of the Good Death: A website devoted to bringing death back into everyday life, written by a mortician. Highlighted in this post.

Petticoats and Saddle Soap: An Australian Goth blog primarily focused on music. It doesn’t update often, but the posts are good. It’s how I learned about Johnny Hollow’s ‘Rasputin’, which I quite enjoy.

Roses and Vellum: Steampunk and Gothic and Neo-Victorian.


ScaryDad : Everyday Halloween DIY. Also film and book reviews. My interview with ScaryDad can be read here .

Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor : I’ve been to one of the places this blogger wants to go and it rocks. I hope she gets to go.

Undead Machinery : Entertainment for the living, deceased and the undead. With some very funny comics featuring the Grim Reaper. My interview with the proprietress here .

Underground for Tea : A very red blog about Gothic fashion.

Upon a Midnight Dreary : Run by the lovely Dahlia Dreary, Upon a Midnight Dreary features articles about goth fashion, artists, events and destinations.


Vampire Rose, the Aging Goth : A personal blog from an ‘aging Goth’, talking about growing up before Goth was even a thing.

Veracious and Goth : A well-written, blog about Goth music, DIY, fashion and culture.

The Walrus Room : Goth fashion and music and film.

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    I just wanted to tell you thanks for your review of my blog here.

  2. Autodidact Says:

    Certainly. I really like your blog. (Obviously.) Thanks for stopping by!

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