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Theatre of the Absurd

by V. L. Craven

Theatre of the Absurd

Recently my back decided it had had enough of me being up and about and productive and it felt I should lie down with my Kindle for a good long time. Luckily, I had Big Fish Games’ Theatre of the Absurd (Collector’s Edition)  to keep me company.

You play as Scarlett Frost, a specialist in the dark arts. You’re called, by a Dr Corvis, to a castle in the Alps to authenticate an object that could possibly be the Hapsburg Cube. An ancient demon is supposed to live within the cube and, when it breaks, the demon rushes out and possesses the child of Dr Corvis.

Theatre of the Absurd 02

This is *not* what she looks like when you first arrive.

You’re tasked with solving a variety of puzzles (including a couple of types I hadn’t seen before) around the grounds in order to save the girl.

I’ve played quite a few hidden object games before, but this is the first I’ve tried on my Kindle Fire. And it was excellent. The graphics were highly-detailed, the story-telling was better than most, and there were several hours of game play. And it had something I hadn’t seen before–as you progress through the game you unlock certain magic powers that allow you to do things in the game like read hieroglyphics or clear demonic mist. The Egyptian and Gothic elements were big pluses, as well.

It was definitely worth the price, which was $3 USD on the Kindle.


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