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The Last Winter

by V. L. Craven

The Last Winter poster

Indenpent environmentalists are sent to gauge the ¬†possibility of a drilling operation in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge in the middle of winter, where the temperatures are fluctuating wildly and it’s raining. In February.

Some members are more interested in getting rigs in to give America energy independence, whilst others would rather protect the environment. When one member is found naked and frozen near a test well that had been drilled two decades before one of the characters thinks it’s the Wendigo (which is the subject of a spectacular Algernon Blackwood story ). Another hypothesis is that it’s sour gas that’s seeping up because the permafrost is melting and it made their colleague insane.

After another character dies under odd circumstances they decide to go to the nearest hospital, but the plane coming to get them has some difficulties and they wind up stranded.

Last Winter Still

Whatever the hell it is causes hellacious hallucinations and homicidal tendencies. One-by-one the members of the group get separated and Bad Things happen in different ways.

The Last Winter is one of those films that leaves a lot up to the viewer–it’s the sort of film you can watch with friends and discuss what it’s actually about. If you dislike ambiguous endings you’ll want to avoid this one. The ambiguity is what saved it from being typical Hollywood fare, however, if it had been revealed as being aliens or the environment or even an evil force bent on destroying humanity for no reason it would have been mediocre.¬†Overall I’d give it a 8/10.

Oh yeah, and there are ravens. Always a good sign.

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