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Undead Survival Show

by V. L. Craven

Undead Survival Show

So let’s say the zombie apocalypse is brought about by a virus. And all of the people who have it can be contained in large areas. They don’t have to be killed–it would be difficult to do so–they do still look like humans, after all. That seems plausible, right? More plausible than the entire human race being overtaken by the undead, who, let’s be honest, aren’t exactly masterminds.

So you quarantine them in places called Red Zones. And the uninfected would go about their lives in Green Zones. But people would still be obsessed with entertainment and, therefore, someone would inevitably step up to produce a reality show during the zombie apocalypse. (Seriously, no matter what’s happening to humanity, someone is going to want to cash in on it.)

Undead Survival Show  is an upcoming webseries about just that. The protagonist is Chainsaw Martin who is an ex-Special Forces survivalist who puts himself in insanely dangerous proximity to the undead hoardes and shows the viewers at home how he gets himself out again. From the website:

“Undead Survival” is a show within a show.  It is a series of 9-to-12-minute action-comedy programs with a dark twist.  As it follows the making of television’s most popular program, actual viewers see a world separated into two zones.  The Red Zone is an abandoned wasteland where the undead reign.  Entire cities lie in ruin. Streets crack, spontaneous fires rage out of control, and buildings are nothing more than hollow tombs where the walking dead shamble in their never-ending walk. With places like New York and LA in ruin, the Green Zones are massive, walled-in city sanctuaries speckled throughout the country with names like Shreveport, Evansville, and Dayton.  The new capital of cool however, is the city of Louisville, Kentucky, where new trends are defined and excitement is always at hand. It is also where the network responsible for the creation of “Undead Survival” and several other popular programs runs its corporate offices.

Inside the Louisville green zone, the living try to spend their days as if the apocalypse was nothing more than a pesky flu.  People hold jobs, shop at the grocery, go to bars, surf the net and of course… watch television.  Still, the reality of what lies outside the walls is very present.  It has worked its way into the mental and emotional lexicon of everyone now living inside the walls.  Newscasts give daily undead reporting, businesses hock the latest zombie-wear, manufacturers produce things like Zombie-load shotgun shells and undead repellant and of course the television networks churn out series after series of undead storylines. The most popular of these is Undead Survival.

This sounds to me like the most accurate portrayal yet of what would happen during a zombie apocalypse. The show is still in pre-production, but give them some love if you can, as it sounds like an intriguing concept.

A teaser:

The YouTube channel is going to have new content coming up soon, and there’s an email list for exclusive content, as well. Check out Explosivo (the production company’s) website and Twitter for more info.

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