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American Horror Story: An Ode

by V. L. Craven
Jessica Lange laying down some truth for the baby witches.

Jessica Lange laying down some truth for the baby witches.

I’ll be taking my first trip to New Orleans in September and, in preparation, decided to rewatch my favourite show set there: American Horror Story: Coven.

Now. I love the entire AHS series. Murder House was mind-blowing because I didn’t know what to expect and it was unlike anything I’d ever seen. And Jessica Lange.

Asylum was outstanding because I’ve always liked creepy asylums and I’ve had a thing about sadistic nuns as long as I can recall. And Jessica Lange.

Then Coven came along and ruined the rest of the run of the show because nothing will live up to it. Witches are my favourite supernatural thing. And Jessica Lange.

And holy hell, can we discuss Frances Conroy in each of these series? Just amazing.

I cannot tell you how pleased I was upon receiving this result from this test :

Also disturbingly accurate. REDHEADS FOREVEEEEEEER

Also disturbingly accurate. REDHEADS FOREVEEEEEEER

Coven of course, also introduced Kathy Bates, be still my dark heart , as a regular and Angela mofoin Bassett.

Freak Show, yeah yeah, it was whatever. I liked the musical numbers. Freaks and sideshows have held only a passing interest for me so meh. I enjoyed learning more about Pepper and Edward Mordake was a real person so that character was fun. It was okay.

But it came after this. And after this... Well.

But it came after this. And after this… Well.

In terms of the show overall, though, the entire ensemble is incredible.

Lily Rabe is versatile as can be and I hope she’s in more of this next series than the one episode of Freak Show. Evan Peters somehow manages to look completely different in every series and Sarah Paulson is as solid of an actor as you could want–holding her own against some true giants. No more Lange, unfortunately, but with Bates on board and, hopefully, the rest of the regular crew, the ship will keep sailing.

(And they always bring on boggling guest stars. Patti LuPone?! Patti LaBelle?! STEVIE NICKS! omgomg)

Rewatching Coven has been a treat. They always have clues to the theme of the next series in the first episodes of the current one–the first episode of Coven has the phrase ‘freak show’. The fifth series is supposed to be ‘Hotel’.

And of course there’s a guide to the filming locations in the show so I can see some of the places from the episodes when in NOLA. Madame LaLaurie’s house is already on my list, as is the cemetery. Well…several cemeteries, this is me we’re talking about.

'Have you accepted Baphomet as your lord and saviour?'

‘Have you accepted Baphomet as your lord and saviour?’

The dialogue always sounds like a bunch of bitchy gay men sniping at one another. It was the same with Murphy’s show Popular, which was cancelled too soon. It’s a hallmark of his shows to have teenage girls saying things more suited to a bunch of queens in the back room at the Chubb Clubb. I love it.

But I digress.

They had Ryan Murphy on The Writers’ Room  between Asylum and Coven. It was an excellent episode worth watching if you can find it. He said he’d never do a series about vampires (thank you, Ryan!) When they asked what the final one would be about he said (jokingly) AHS: Mime. Then we learned that Jessica Lange trained with Marcel Marceau.

So maybe she’ll come back for that final series.

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  1. Scarydad Says:

    When in September are you going to NOLA? I’ll be there the 25-29th

  2. Autodidact Says:

    Man. I’m going to be there from the 9th-16th. That stinks we’ll miss one another by so little. Why are you going?

  3. Scarydad Says:

    It’s my birthday and New Orleans is my favorite place. So we’re going to go do it up right. 😀

  4. Autodidact Says:

    That sounds great. Any places you recommend?

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