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by V. L. Craven
photo by Karen Girard

photo by Karen Girard

The Autodidact in the Attic is written by V. L. Craven and focuses on the darker in books, film and art, with the occasional foray into science, technology, and critical thinking.

As well as being a blog, TAitA is a digital  commonplace book –a collection of notes, quotes, and images I enjoy.

Post timetable

I’m currently working on a novel so all posts are periodically, except film and books reviews, which should be weekly.

Monday:   [Once or twice a month] Review of a website, post about related links, or an interview with an interesting & creative person.
Tuesday:  [Weekly] Film, television or documentary review   
Wednesday:   [Periodically] Essay typically about something macabre. Guest posts also go up on Wednesdays.
Thursday:   [Weekly] A single image, images with a common theme, or collection of artwork by a single artist.
Friday:   [Weekly] Reading Review–novel, non-fiction, short stories, comics, periodicals, cereal boxes. If it can be read, it can be reviewed.
Saturday:   [Weekly] Media, typically animation or short film. Sometimes music videos.
Sunday:   [Occasionally] Technology Post. Generally app or game reviews.

Other Ways to Interact with Victoria

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Tumblr:   Aidios Academia
Twitter:   @vlcraven

Goodreads:   V.L. Craven
Pottermore:  HexNox1226 (Slytherin Forever!)


  It would not be well that all men should read the pages that are to follow;
a few only may savour their bitter fruit without danger.

–Les Chants de Maldoror by Comte de Lautreamont

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