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Blood Info

by V. L. Craven

Blood Spatter Analysis :
(from Dexter Series One DVD)

Arterial Spurts: large patterns created under pressure, but with less volume and usually more distinctive evidence of blood pressure rising and falling

Blood into Blood : blood drops into blood and subsequent secondary or satellite droplets occur as a result of that

Cast Off Stains : blood that has been thrown from a secondary object (weapon or hand) onto a target other than the impact site.

Expiratory Blood : blood which is spattered onto a target as a result of breathing; typically, the occurs when an injury is sustained to the throat, mouth or airway

Point of Impact/Origin : the point in space where the blood spatter came from

Shadowing and Ghosting : a pattern that helps to place an object or body in the scene; normally, the area in question lacks blood even though areas surrounding it show blood

Swipes and Wipes : the transfer of blood onto a target surface by a bloody object that is usually moving laterally.

Transfer Pattern : the pattern created when a wet, bloody object comes in contact with a surface, leaving a pattern that has the features of the object making it useful for identifying the object.

Wipe : pattern created when a secondary target moves through an existing wet blood stain on some other object.

Miscellaneous Information:

Arrested: In 1610, Hungarian aristocrat Erzebet Bathory was charge with torturing and butchering as many as 600 young girls.

–blood accounts for 8% of total body weight
–the male body contains 5-6 litres of blood; female 4-5 litres
–to cause death, the body must experience a 40% blood volume loss, internally and/or externally

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