Autodidact: self-taught


Criminology & Forensics

by V. L. Craven


U.K. Stats
London: Over 3,5oo criminal offences are reported every day. Over a dozen Murder Miles. You need six murders in the same road over a six-month period.
The Met: 43 police forces. Around 13o,ooo officers in UK, just one for every 400 citizens. 2o,ooo women, only 2,5oo ethnic. Met’s five areas were each the size of a complete force elsewhere in the country, but could still barely cope. Over six million 999 calls a year. 5,ooo cars a month stolen in London, figures rising fast. Borough of Camden has the highest suicide rate in London.

U.S. Stats
–90% of all murders are committed by males
–16,137 murders were committed in the US in 2004
–2005: 16,692 murders in US; up 3.4% from 2004
–2005: murder comprised 50% of overall estimated number of violent crimes
–68% of murders in 2005 were committed using firearms; 12% using knives and 6% with hands, feet, etc.
–Homicides are more likely to involve multiple offenders than multiple victims.
–The legal definition of insanity based upon the ‘right or wrong’ test was defined by an English court in 1843.
— There have only been 350+ ‘no body’ murder trials in the history of the U.S.

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