Autodidact: self-taught



by V. L. Craven

26a by Diana Evans
-01- Georgia didn’t feel like saying anything. She closed her face.
-02- … sand was better than coal–a light brown black girl on your arm was good for a man’s street cred, it meant you could get a white girl if you wanted to but you’d decided to keep it real and stay with the race.)
-03- [How to do the Moonwalk from Michael Jackson: The Rules of a Number 1 Fan 1. Find a smooth surface suitable for dancing. [Kemy used the kitchen lino.] 2. Stand with your feet close together, the left foor slightly ahead. 3. Life the right heel as if you were taking a step. 4. Lower the right heel, lean on the right foot and drag back the left foot to where the toes are level with the right heel. [This is where Kemy gets confused.] 5. Life the left heel and drag back the right foot. Repeat and practice.
-04- It was not sex they dreamed of. It was touch. The tenderness and the inflammation of touch. Georgia wrote it in her notebook: I would like to hug him in the dark, and it will be warm and safe. I will tell him to make it slow.

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