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by V. L. Craven

“Art of Killing—the Literary Merits of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac” by Joel T. Terranova; The International Journal of Comics, Fall 2008.
-01-It is a work of comedy that makes great use of traditional literary devices, such as satire and irony, in order to brutally ridicule for the purpose of self-correction.
-02-This is a fairly damning commentary as it implies that those who are content with their lives will do ultimately nothing as they have no desires or needs in the first place. The overall impression of Heaven is that of an illogical place that has no rationale or purpose; the satirical nature of its treatment in this book is ultimately to warn the reader against placing too much faith into something they have yet to experience as it most likely is not going to meet those anticipated expectations.
-03- [Regarding pedophiles and murderers] …and should therefore not be treated as different, because doing so only attaches more value to them than what they deserve and also deludes those of a younger and more impressionable mindset into being terrified by a type of individual who is really more sick and pathetic than anything else. Of course, this revelation of truth can also be applied to other social miscreants, such as serial killers, like Johnny. The issue raised by this part of the comic is incredibly important as it points out that vile individuals should be recognized for what they are, not what public imagination tries to transform them into because that gives them more worth than they warrant.
-04- [Johnny] is an extreme caricature of many people who almost seemingly reject the concept of being happy in exchange for continued existence in their own misery-ridden world. Johnny admits [that he’s not happy] , yet he is unwilling to do anything that would allow him to be truly happy.

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