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by V. L. Craven


The Court of Cacus Or The Story of Burke and Hare by Alexander Leighton
001. I consider it a benefaction that the knowledge which kills shall be accompanied by the knowledge which cures.

002. If it had been so ordered that there were not in the soil of the heart congenital germs of wickedness ready to spring up and branch into crimes under favouring circumstances, which the complications of society are eternally producing, and that, consequently, all evil was sheer imitation, something might be said for concealing the thing to be imitated, even at the expense of losing the antidote.

003. so that it seems to follow, that he who can render the acted crimes of history as disagreeable and hateful as they can be made, even with the aid of the dark shadows of his fancy, performs an act favourable to the interests of society.

004. Then he looked more intently to ascertain whether he was not one of the regular staff of body-snatchers who supplied “the thing,” as they called it. But no; the stranger, whoever he might be, was neither “Merryandrew,” nor “the Spune,” nor “the Captain,” nor any other of the gouls,—some half-dozen,—yet he would have done no discredit to the fraternity either as to dress or manner: little and thick-set, with a firm round face, small eyes, and Irish nose, a down-looking sleazy dog, who, as he furtively turned his eye up to the window, seemed to think he had no right to direct his vision beyond the parallel of a man’s pocket.

005. while there have been many slaughtering kings, there never was but one William Burke.

006. That these adventures should have taken strange and sometimes grimly-ludicrous turns might have been expected, and yet it is more true that they transcended belief.

007. Even the bitterness of soul towards competitors was not sufficiently gratified by the pouring forth of the toffana-spirit of his sarcasm.

The Culture of Make Believe by Derrick Jensen.
‘Christophe was growing a new skin. Christophe was growing a new soul. And seeing the worn out and rotten soul of his childhood fall away he never dreamed that we was taking on a new one, younger & stronger. As through life we change our bodies, so also do we change our souls; & the metamorphosis does not always take place over several days; there are times of crisis when the whole is suddenly renewed. The adult changes his soul. The old soul is cast off and dies. In those hours of anguish we think that all is at an end. And the whole thing begins again. A life dies. Another one has already come into being.’ –Romain Rolland
-001- …why isn’t rape, or at least most rape, considered a hate crime?
-002- There’s something interesting about the rate at which men in prison are raped: it’s lower than the rate at which women are raped in the culture at large. Most studies suggest that 25 percent of women in the U.S. are raped during their lifetimes, and another 19 percent have to fend off rape attempts. I suppose you could say that for women—and not just those in prison—rape is ‘a fact of life.’ When a man goes to prison, everyone seems to think: ‘Oh shit, he’s going to get raped.’ But everyday, women walk down the streets or stay in their homes and face the same possibility.
-003- ‘Do you know what the main instrument of genocide is these days?… Television’ Derrick’s friend John Osborn p120

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