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by V. L. Craven

I Know You're Out There I Know You’re Out There by Michael Beaumier
-01- Most of the time I’m so quiet, people don’t even realise that I’m there, which is how I prefer it.
-02- …being hated, for a journalist, is almost as good as getting paid; it means someone’s at least paying attention…
-03- Despite this, they rarely lose their patience; they are simply not paid enough to take any of it seriously.
-04- I like to think that I inspire this candor, that there’s something special about me that somehow compels otherwise reticent people to confess their bed-wetting fetishes and rape fantasies. I’d like to think I have that kind of power but, in truth, I’m just a guy who’s lost the ability to be appalled.
Everyone knows this. The blasé attitude, the quiet sighs of boredom, the eye-rolling—it’s obvious at this point.
-05- ‘Fight Club,’ I explained. ‘They made it into a movie. A chick flick for guys.’
-06- Everyday would be a veritable buffet of bodily fluids and excretions, a catalogue of sexual longings and obsessions. These were people who regarded the laws of physics and the limits of bodily contortion as merely strong suggestions.
-07- ‘You know,’ I’d tell my video-store customers, ‘real lesbians probably don’t have sex in stiletto heels. When the lesbians I know have sex, they mean business—and those heels, they’re just plain dangerous. Trust me, if a lesbian is wearing stilettos in bed, somebody’s gonna lose an eye. And why do the inmates in those card-core prison videos all have tan lines and lustrous, carefully coiffed hair? Shouldn’t they be in lock down? I’m just saying.’
-08- I’d pretty much wrung everything I was going to get out of Catholicism, and I didn’t much care for the direction the company was going.

Infernal Desire Machines of Angela Carter ‘The Infernal Desire Machines of Angela Carter’ by Jeff VanderMeer
-001- The distinction between the tale–often based on myth or legend, stylized, and featuring intentionally ‘flat’ characters–and the short story–which is often more realistic, three-dimensional, and psychologically complete–is very important.
-002- From Angela Carter’s 1978 essay ‘Alchemy of the Word’ ‘…although I thought [the surrealists] were wonderful, I had to give them up in the end. They were, with a few patronized exceptions, all men and they told me that I was the source of all mystery, beauty and otherness, because I was a woman–and I knew that was not true. I knew I wanted my fair share of the imagination, too. Not an excessive amount, mind; I wasn’t greedy. Just an equal share in the right to vision.’

Inseparable: Desire Between Women in Literature by Emma Donoghue
-001- It was perceived by the servants of the House that some secret bond of connection existed between Miss Aldclyffe and her companion. But they were woman and woman, not woman and man, the facts were ethereal and refined, and so they could not be worked into a taking story. –from Desperate Remedies by Thomas Hardy (1871)
-002- Often such critics protest that it would be anachronistic for us to find lesbian themes in a text whose writers and first readers would have seen none. … Why would playwrights construct so many homoerotic scenarios in dramatic form if they had no expectation that their audience would understand them?
-003- Endings are overrated; they are often the point where the writer bows to convention…I know that my liking for a character is shown bymy giving her a lot of page time and vivid scenes, however I may dispose of her by the end.
-004- they are more interested in the charming scenario of a pair of girls whose bond emerges naturally from their similarity and mutual familiarity. The girls are either known as growing up together or as being “kindred spirits” who fall in love at first meeting. Because of their likeness in age and background, they can act as mirrors to each other, although events will often reveal their characters as contrasting.
-005- _inseparable_ was a common term for female pairs by the late sixteenth century
-006- Mistresses of all a universe we shall be; through our alliance I feel we shall become the superiors of Nature herself. Oh, dear Durand, he crimes we are going to commit! The infamies we are going to achieve! [EPIGRAPH?| — Marquis de Sade _Juliette_
-007- A secret alliance of two beings who understand one another because they’re alike… –Edourad Boudret _La Prisonniere_
-008- It was _to love_ I yearned more than to _be loved_, and I was entirely free from sexual instincts. — Christopher St John, Hungerheart: The Story of a Soul (1896)
-009- You’re neither unnatural, nor abominable, nor mad; you’re as much a part of what people call nature as anyone else, only you’re unexplained as yet–you’ve not got your niche in creation. But some day that will come and meanwhile don’t shrink from yourself, but just face yourself calmly and bravely.

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