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by V. L. Craven

The Oxford History of Britain by Kenneth O. Morgan
001. p5: The Celts were characterised by quarrelsomeness both within the tribe and in their indulgence in inter-tribal warfare. Only on rare occasions, in the face of great danger, would Celtic tribes combine to choose a single leader…
002. p16: Cartimandua—Queen of the Brigantes (a vast grouping of clans that encompassed most of northern England)
003. p18: A Roman account of the way Britons reacted to Roman rule: The Britons bear conscription, the tribute and their other obligations to the empire without complaint, provided there is no injustice. That they take extremely ill; for they can bear to be ruled by others but not to be their slaves.
…excavation of a temple at Uley in Gloucestershire has approximately doubled the total of curse-bearing tablets known from the entire Roman world. The Britons, we are told by a classical source, were obsessed with ritual.

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