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by V. L. Craven

Oh, the human brain. It’s mysterious (how do you know all of the lyrics of a song I swear I’ve never heard all the way through but can’t recall what I had for breakfast?!) and frustrating (use neurotransmitters properly, damn you!) and wonderful (it’s where ideas for stories come from and where I keep lots of thoughts about reading.) It’s also out to get you.

Read on for some fun, frightening, and useful information about your brain.

Brain ‘facts’ that most people get wrong. This article can be fun for you and annoying for your friends, when you correct them when they say we only use 10% of our brains or some such nonsense.

Brain wiring is complex (caution: understatement) and sometimes things just sort of… get bored with doing whatever they’ve been doing your entire life and start doing other things . Here’s another one of those sort of articles, which should appeal to the Oliver Sacks fans.

Useful Info
10 ways your brain is lying to you and how to counteract them.  Boy, do some of these hit a little close to home.

5 ways to make your brain do awesome things it didn’t know it could do. (Or did know but didn’t tell you because it hates you.)

My absolute favourite factoid is that the ancient Egyptians couldn’t figure out the function of the human brain, so while they carefully put other organs in their own special containers so the owner could have them in the afterlife, they’d just remove the brain and throw it away.

They’d remove it through the nose with this:

Cranial Crochets

They’re called cranial crochets and I want me one

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