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Best Places to Visit with the Dead

by V. L. Craven

These links miss out the Necropolis in Glasgow, but it’s definitely worth the trip.

From National Geographic: Top 10 Cemeteries (in the world)

Merry Cemetery, Romania

Xoxocotlan, Oaxaca, Mexico: Where Day of the Dead celebrations are held October 31.

Old Jewish Cemetery , Prague. There are so many headstones because people are buried several deep and has been in use since the 15th century. Here’s a wallpaper-sized photo for you:

Several of these appear on the following list, as well.

From 15 Must-See Historic Cemeteries Across the U.S.

An excellent article on the whole¬†(there are some technical difficulties, and you may have to manually change the page number in your address bar, but it’s worth it), it includes Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is very Victorian in design and would therefore delight Goths. Surrounded by gardens and ornamentation, it’s the sort of place one could go for a peaceful picnic or a bit of reading.

Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia has what you’d expect in a world-class cemetery–above-ground vaults and impressive sculpture, but what really makes it stand out is that at Halloween, they hold candle-lit night-time tours for three nights.

If you’re closer to New York than Atlanta, another cemetery that has late-night tours you may stop by Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx.

Graceland Cemetery , Chicago, Illinois. Victorian-esque again, but this one is home to one of my favourite sculptures, ‘Eternal Silence’

The tomb of Dexter Graves, also known as ‘Statue of Death’, though heavens knows why.

Green-Wood Cemetery , Brooklyn, NY Holy Gothic-Architecture, Batman! If I lived anywhere near this place, I’d dress as an Edward Gorey character and drape myself along a wall or five and have photos taken.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery , Concord, Massachusetts. It’s in Sleepy Hollow.

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