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If Mucha Painted the Dark Lord

by V. L. Craven

Oh, wait, only Death Eaters call him the ‘Dark Lord’. Obliviate!


From Society6 .


Long Live the Bumbling Badger of Mediocrity

by V. L. Craven

‘All I can do is urge you to look on the bright side. At least you’re not in Slytherin. Another curious decision on the part of the school, there. To dedicate an entire house to those of the children in its care who are evil. Surely a recipe for trouble…’


Geeks Hate Mondays

by V. L. Craven

I had a set of links chosen for today, but the morning of the day I composed this (Sunday) I was happily putting the new English (the country) versions of Harry Potter on my iPod, and had to add Cassandra Clare’s Draco Dormiens trilogy, as well as Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Eliezer Yudkowsky.

And I realised my geek card was well and truly safe.

So this post is for my compadres in the–sometimes harsh–world of geekdom, as well the people who seek to join us.

From Tech Republic: 10 Geek Sins That Will Get Your Geek Card Revoked. I’m proud to say I’m guilty of none of these.

If any of those apply to you and you need to re-up your cred try these 15 things . And then hit up Think Geek for some useful things of the geek variety. I’ve done eight of these things, but as I’m 0 for 10 on the first list, I’m confident in my geekself.

And the last one from Tech Republic: 75 Must-Read Geek Books
This was a pretty poor showing–I’d read two books and then all seven of the Harry Potter books, however, I’ve 29 in my library/TBR stack. My question for this one was: No Discworld? Really?

If you’re the sort of person that feels this way about technology in Hollywood films: [click to embiggen]

(That’s Penny Arcade . They’re awesome.)

Then the nice people at Cracked have written for you: 8 Scenes That Prove Hollywood Doesn’t Get Technology

From Mental Floss, we have the 11 Geekiest Family Portraits Ever.

And one more Penny Arcade strip because all IT geeks know someone whose destiny appears to be to destroy any and all electronic equipment within fifty feet (without touching said equipment in some cases.)

And if this post has got your geek juices flowing, you may want to hit up RedBubble , as they have some incredible merchandise–for everyone, but geeks, too.


Because I’m Five

by V. L. Craven

Last weekend my husband and I decided to pick up some Play Doh/Plasticine and whilst we were at the toyshop I asked where their Harry Potter section was. They were out. Except! The very helpful guy went into the back and found a big Harry Potter (about a foot and a half tall), but who wants him? He makes me mutter ‘Goody-two-shoes,’ under my breath.

The very nice guy went into the back again and returned with the only other thing they had:

Dementor! YAY!



by V. L. Craven

French and Saunders: Bergman Days

That Mitchell and Webb Sound: Welcome to Hufflepuff

‘All I can do is urge you to look on the bright side. At least you’re not in Slytherin. Another curious decision on the part of the school, there. To dedicate an entire house to those of the children in its care who are evil. Surely a recipe for trouble…’

Dot Dot Dot
A flash based on a voice track about a review (of another flash)

A Day in the Life of a Hangover (Director’s Cut)

Weird Al: Stop Forwarding that Crap To Me

Weird Al: White and Nerdy

Liz Lemon: The Early Years

Brute Force Doesn’t Always Work

‘NO! They’re running… NOOOOOOOO’

Neil Gaiman and Adam Savage Dorkiness

And this is what Neil Gaiman was referring to:

When Kathy Griffin Met Michele Bachmann

BBC America Advert

I’m a Climate Scientist: NSFW

Jim Henson Gets Told

College Humour: Tim Burton’s Secret Formula

Weird Al: Another Tattoo

Pretty much every video in the Gentlemen’s Rant series is hilarious, but these are my favourites:







Harry Potter and the Nearly Incomprehensible Film

by V. L. Craven

I’ve finally seen the fifth Harry Potter film. I can’t believe anyone who hasn’t read the books could have any clue what the hell was going on. I know they only have so long for a film, but I don’t think a fifteen hour long DVD for the fans would go amiss. Watson was still in over-dramatic mode and Grint was Mr Mumble-Face but Radcliffe has improved a great deal.

What I found most confusing were the things they partially put in but didn’t explain. Like that Harry was the snake–there’s a half second shot of a snake but it’s not obvious that it’s a reflection. Then Sirius’s mother’s portrait is heard whispering behind a curtain but it’s never explained who she is or what the hell she’s muttering about.

I liked the look best of the films thus far (though the third one comes close) and the veil Siruis fell through was much more beautiful and haunting than I’d pictured. And have mercy but Helena Bonham Carter was perfect for Bellatrix, but overall the film felt rushed.

And there wasn’t enough of Rickman or Smith. And they cut my favourite scenes, but I always say that. Whinge whinge gripe complain.

And of course I’ll buy the next two films. Because I’m a good consumer.

[This is a re-post from a now-defunct blog. Original post date: 11 January, 2008]

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